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Discussion of various types of diabetic alert dog training is welcome on this forum. However, some topics seem to touch off disagreements. Please follow these simple rules of debate when posting:
  • If someone posts something you disagree with, address the issue, not the individual.
  • Answer the original question, not necessarily the reply you disagreed with.
  • Unless a suggestion is potentially dangerous, concentrate on your own positive solution rather than trying to refute someone.
  • If you must directly refute someone, concentrate first on your commonalities and then present your dissenting arguments.
  • If you and someone else cannot firmly disagree, then agree to disagree and let it go. Arguing tiny points until someone "gives" doesn't make either of you right.
  • Do not post anything negative about specific individuals, especially other trainers.
  • Finally, make a point one time. Don't repeat the same point again and again in different posts. Those who were receptive got it the first time. Those who aren't won't get it no matter how many times you repeat it.
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