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Diabetes invaded our family when my daughter Abi was 11. Her diagnosis was traumatic - days and days in ICU . . . and I understood NOTHING of the nature of Type 1 Diabetes; I was overwhelmed and totally in shock . . . blood sugar levels, shots, insulin, carbohydrate counts, coma, seizure . . .so many new vocabulary words to assimilate into our lives. Time progressed and we thought we were learning to manage things well - but, the unhuman noises and violent jerking that jarred us awake in the wee hours of the morning one night taught us more about this disease. THEN - the whole nightmare was relived as we helplessly watched the whole scenario repeated with my 16 month old granddaughter . . .

We vowed to search until we found some way to protect our girls from more seizures.

DOGS!!! Diabetic Alert Dogs!! What a concept. At that time, there was not a lot of info to be found on the web. We thought we'd made a good choice - invested time and money, only to be dreadfully disappointed: not all service dog organizations are honest and trustworthy! What a nightmare!

We tried again, but this time, we found someone to help us select and start a diabetic alert dog. It was a challenging but rewarding journey. Along the way, we sought the help from trainers all across the US and abroad. Some were willing to offer their time and share their knowledge to help us reach our goal. To each of them, we will always be grateful! Mr. Darcy is an amazing life-saver! Countless people have called or e-mailed for advise on obtaining or training their own diabetic alert dog. I stay closely connected to as much of the Diabetic Alert Dog world in order that I might help others by sharing what we have learned and by sharing what I know of organizations who are available to help.

Hopefully, many will learn from our mistakes. My heart's desire is to help others along this path - it can be confusing and dangerous. So much emotion is vested in doing what is best for our children. I hope that this site provides the answers you are searching for!

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