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Purpose of this site:

This site is provided to help others in their journey to find a diabetic alert dog (DAD) and to help connect those in the DAD community. My goal is to help others avoid the problems we have encountered along the way.

Who am I:

I am the mother and grandmother of type 1 diabetics. Both of my girls have worked with Diabetic Alert Dogs - along the way, we
have experienced the best and the worst the the DAD world. Unfortunately, we have learned that not every organization currently
placing these dogs can be trusted.


Diabetes - Type 1 (juvenile, brittle) diabetes and type 2 diabetes are different diseases with similar symptoms. Type 1 is a disease in which the body no longer produces insulin; therefore, the type 1 diabetic requires an alternate source of insulin (shots or pumps). Type 1 is usually diagnosed before age 40. Meals, emotions, physical activity, growth spurts, hormone levels, weather . . .everything. . .effects blood sugar levels in a person with type 1. Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the body still produces insulin, but it is not as effective as it should be. This type of diabetes can usually be managed with diet, excercise, and maybe a pill.

Hypoglycemic Unaware:

Normally, a person can feel the warning signals of LOW BLOOD SUGAR (sweating, shaking, nausea, and confusion); however, some are unable to feel these symptoms and are thus unaware that their blood sugar is dropping or is dangerously low. This can lead to seizures, brain damage, or passing out while driving - Diabetic Alert Service Dog : a dog that gives a trained signal to alert its partner to low or high blood sugar levels.